Sleep Concert is the audiovisual show, live electronic music performance as well as simply unique cultural and social phenomenon adopted and reimagined by artists Yuri Elik and Pavel Mikhailov.

3 hours show time (and up to 8 hours on occasion ) implies wide audience reaction - from following the music and the visuals carefully to falling asleep.


Basically the audience is free to decide how to interact with the audiovisual flow and to explore possibilities together with the artists. 

Authors intend to insensibly immerse the audience into the audiovisual environment, focus the listener on his inner sensual world and lead through the alternative time continuum when the border between dream and reality starts to appear less obvious.

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Artists used hybrid method of video content creation. Such analog techniques as liquids and organic chemical reactions footage, slide film manipulations, traditional animation and hardware video synthesis were the main techniques for the show. 

At the same time the visual part involves live VJ performance happening in real time on stage and flow with the music. It relies on digital processing, generative graphics and represents the "digital dialect" of a visual language.

All content prepared in hi-res 4K quality. This opens opportunities to work with large scale multiscreen setups. Perfect location for the Sleep Concert would be dome, audiovisual theater, outdoor projection festival or museum environment.

The music was exclusively composed and programmed for the show and performed live on stage. The live rig involves sensor controlled modular synthesiser, experimental sonic generators as well as original soundscapes collection. Generative music algorithms manipulate the audio sources in a real time and lead to bottomless variativity.

With great respect to music experiments of the past and composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, Terry Riley, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Robert Rich, bands like Cluster, Tangerine Dream and many others, the music however doesn't try to be an imitation of the legacy but rather is always looking for its own path and represents the artistic discovery of new sonic territories.  

The music is well suited for surround installations, including 5.1, quadro or octophonic, Ambisonics 360° sonic sphere and others. 




Dubai, Theater of Digital Art


Saint Petersburg, Planetarium 1


Moscow, Museum of Modern Art

14.03.22 - 28.03.22







Dubai, Theater of Digital Art



Saint Petersburg, Planetarium1



Moscow, Museum of modern Art







14.03.22 - 28.03.22













Pavel Mikhailov


music composer, a/v artist




Moscow based musician, electronic music composer, visual artist 

Author of music for theater, hybrid art performances and multimedia projects presented all around the world. 


Since last 10 years he is active with his solo projects, recording and performing live on stage at the festivals and club events.





Yuri Elik

visual artist, photographer and cinematographer, VJ



One of the notable adepts of video art in Russia.


Active member of Saint Petersburg's experimental scene, he started VJing and create video art at the beginning of 00s.


Yuri is author of a large scale visual installations, theater projects and audiovisual performances exposed on regional events in Russia and abroad. Yuri works as a VJ and visual artist, collaborating with musicians, dancers and DJs all around the world.





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